"Hannah’s bladder stopped working in March 2018.
Over the following six months our lives changed immeasurably"

There’s Only One Place This Road Ever Ends Up is the story of a young couple acclimatising to a new life of disability and chronic illness after a routine medical procedure goes horribly wrong. At a time when they might usually have been considering mortgages and marriage, the couple’s lives now revolve around endless surgery, ableist altercations and the big fat question mark hovering somewhere just over Hannah’s womb.

Through a series of autobiographical vignettes, David Biskup seeks to make sense of this strange new normal. Finding comfort in the mundane and humour in even the most horrific of situations, There’s Only One Place This Road Ever Ends Up offers a unique perspective into a normal life, thrown off course. 

Published using funding from the ELCAF x WeTransfer Award 2019.
Supported by Arts Council England and Nobrow.

Video directed by Carlos Jimenez

Hardcover, 124 pages
ISBN 978-1-5272-6881-4

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